Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About Me

Hi! My name is Kelleyn and I love to travel; however, I am also a SAHM, wife, and a mother to three: beautiful, rowdy, and smart boys. This year we added a new addition to our family and her name is Adelaide.  So far she loves to travel too!  I started this blog almost four years ago when we had the opportunity to move overseas. It was a way for me to keep a journal of our experience and adventures. We had a blast! We are looking forward to doing it again in 2012. Today, The adventure continues. We are always on the Go! Don't forget to stop by the sidebar under labels to get tips and ideas from our past adventures. When I am not planning our next trip, I am always trying out new recipes and my newest hobby is learning how to use my camera. Growing up my mother gave me a love for movies and plays, but reading I love the most.

This is My Family!
I guess it is time to take a new family photo because the boys have grown since we took this photo in Germany 2 1/2 years ago.  I also need to take one that will include our newest addition. I am truly blessed. It is crazy at times, but I wouldn't trade a minute. Harris is 13 he is our in house engineer, Winston is 9 and always good. at making us laugh, and Roman is 4 1/2 is the best at cuddling. Thanks to my husband who makes it possible for us to go on all these amazing adventures.

The newest traveler in our little family.

Thanks for stopping by!